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Monday, April 8, 2013


George Gardner and James Hill buy Lansingburgh, New York’s Tiffany Recorder  from Silvester Tiffany, begin publishing it as the Lansingburgh Recorder.

Jan 9                 
Newly-arrived Scottish land agent Charles Williamson is sworn in as a U. S. citizen, in Philadelphia.

Jan 10
Great Tract No. 4 - 450,000 acres of the 1787 Macomb Great Purchase of New York lands in Antwerp and Jefferson counties, Great Tract No. 5  and 6 (26,250 acres and 74,400 acres) in Jefferson Lewis, Oswego and Herkimer counties) and the remainder of the Great Purchase lands (1,368,300 acres), is sold to Donald McCormick.

Feb 14                 
The Albany Library is incorporated.

Apr 29                          
Brewer and college founder Matthew Vassar is born in East Dereham, England, to farmers and religious dissenters James and Ann Bennett Vassar.

Mar 7                 
The Saratoga County town of Milton is formed from the Town of Ballston.

Mar 14                 
New York State authorizes a loan of $500,000, to be apportioned amongst it's twenty counties.

Mar 30                 
The Western Inland Lock Navigation Company is incorporated by General Philip Schuyler and merchant Elkanah Watson, to build a three-mile Little Falls, New York, canal and another linking the Mohawk River with Wood Creek. Financier Robert Morris will soon be brought on board.    **    New York's Northern Inland Lock Navigation Company is organized, for the purpose of building a canal between the Hudson River and Lake Champlain. Work will begin on it but it will never be completed.

Apr 10                 
The Town of Fairfield is established in Warren County.    **    The Delaware County town of Colchester is formed from Middletown.    **    Otsego County’s Town of Unadilla is formed from the Town of Otsego.

Lansingburgh publisher Silvester Tiffany takes on William W. Wands as a partner, forming the firm of Tiffany and Wands.

Wands takes over the operation of­ Tiffany and Wands.

Dec 18                 
The Boylston Tract, 817,155 acres of the 1787 Macomb Great Purchase of New York lands in Jefferson, Lewis, and Oswego counties, comprising 13 towns, is sold to Samuel Ward.

Dec 29                 
The 25,335-acre fifteenth Chenango Township is granted to Leonard M. Cutting.

Cortland is founded.    **    John Wells is admitted to the New York Supreme Court.    **    George Clinton defeats John Jay to become governor. 585 Cooperstown residents vote for Jay. Judge William Cooper feels that there would have been many more but that a number of people were off looking for a child lost in the woods near the Burlington neighborhood.  Irregularities in voting are used as an excuse to discount the votes from Otsego, Clinton and Tioga counties. The Board of Canvassers reject all protests.    **    A group of French settlers move into the future site of Chenango County's village of Greene. Most move on when their title to the land is later invalidated.    **    The approximate date Matthew Aldgate and his sons settle the Essex County town of Chesterfield.    **    Enoch Stowell and Jonathan Bates of Vermont pioneer the Madison County town of Lebanon.    **     Speculator Alexander Macomb buys 4,000,000 acres of Adirondacks land.    **    Gideon Tripp's Van Rennselaer Manor farm is leased out after a survey is run.    **     Senator Nicholas Gilman discovers Saratoga's Congress Spring.    **     Four-year-old Samuel Griffin dies in Cooperstown - the oldest known grave in Christ Churchyard.    **    A store opens at Ferry and Front streets in Schenectady (Arthur’s Market in 2000).    **    Vermont trapper Nathaniel “Nat” Foster settles in the future Adirondack town of Salisbury.   **    Canadian lumbermen from Montréál arrive at the future site of Massena to build a dam and mill on the Grasse River.    **     This year and next Massachusetts officially transfers 3,600,000 acres of its Hartford Convention lands to the Boston Ten Town tracts - in Broome and Tioga counties - to settlers.    **    Nathaniel W. Howell, after conducting an academy in Montgomery, leaves to study law.    ** A Northern Inland Navigation Company is formed to construct waterways, but fails to raise sufficient funds.    **     D. Ingraham travels from Boston to Albany, then proceeds to set out across New York to Niagara, via Schenectady, Whitestown, Clinton, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Geneva, the Jemima Wilkinson settlement, Canandaigua, the Genesee River, and ending up at Fort Niagara, then crossing over to visit the planned future site of  the British fort.

Oneida County
Barnabas Mitchell starts a settlement at Port Woodhull, in the town of Remsen. George A. Smith begins the settlement of Staceys Basin, in the town of Verona.   **    Settler Francis Van der Kemp reports seeing a pike in Oneida Lake three-feet-six-inches in length as well as two catfish weighing ten and twenty-four pounds.

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Friday, April 5, 2013


Thurs. Apr. 11, 8:00 p.m.
Clark Auditorium
Cultural Education Center - Empire State Plaza
222 Madison Avenue - Albany

Marguerite Holloway, author of The Measure of Manhattan, will speak about the fascinating history of John Randel, Jr., the man who plotted the grid transforming hilly, undeveloped, early 19th century Manhattan into today's modern, geometric city.

Free and open to the public.  Sponsored by the New York State Writers Institute, the Friends of the New York State Library, and the New York Council for the Humanities.

Free parking for this event is available in the Cathedral Lot, just east of the CEC.

Posted at the request of the Friends of the New York State Library.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Time for a Save Our Seaport meeting !

Please join us this Saturday, April 6th, 6pm at Meade’s. We’ll have the latest news from the Museum, from the waterfront, and the latest on the Pier 17 development plans.

Meade’s is at 22 Peck Slip (Map), and we’ll meet on the second floor. We hope we’ll see you there!