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Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Nov 18

The British Lords of Trade and Plantations write to secretary of state for the southern department James Stanhope, praising the cooperation shown by the Iroquois Nations towards New York colony.


St. Peter’s, Albany’s first Protestant Episcopal Church, is completed on a site granted by the governor. ** The approximate date Thomas Davenport settles the Philipstown area of Westchester. ** Scientist Cadwallader Colden's paper on animal secretions is read before England's Royal Society by astronomer Edmund Halley.


Future New York Indian agent William Johnson is born in Smithtown.


Mar 16

Naturalist and traveler Peter Kalm is born in Angermanland, Sweden.

Sep 1

The 2,000-acre Van Slyck’s Patent, in Montgomery County, is granted to Harman Van Slyck.


Innkeeper A. Delong settles in the Dutchess County town of Beekman, soon opens an inn.


May 27

Livingston Manor is annexed to Dutchess County.


A courthouse opens in Poughkeepsie, the first of five on the site.


Apr 19

King George I appoints William Burnet as Royal governor of New York, replacing Robert Hunter.


The approximate date pioneer Jacobus Stoughtenburgh arrives in the future Dutchess County, settles what will become Hyde Park. Area settlers begin paying Wappinger and other Indians bounties on wolves.


Mar 18

The 12,000-acre Harrison’s Patent, in Montgomery County, is granted to Francis Harrison and others.

Oct 23

The 6,000-acre Morris’s Patent, in Montgomery County, is granted to Lewis Morris and others.


The Iroquois sign a treaty in Albany, with Virginia governor Spotswood, agreeing to stay beyond the Potomac and the Blue Ridge Mountains. ** The approximate date Nehemiah Partridge paints a portrait of Albany socialite Ariaantje Coeymans. ** The approximate date the first settlement in the future Herkimer County is made, above Little Falls, by Palatine Germans. ** Wappinger Indians begin meeting with Dutchess County officials at Poughkeepsie, continue to do so periodically until 1743. Presents are distributed.


Jun 30

The 6,000-acre Morris’s Patent, in Montgomery County, is granted to Lewis Morris and others – their second.

Oct 19

A land patent is issued to Palatine Germans John Christopher Garlock, John Jost Petri and Conrad Rickert for a 12,7000-acre area now named Stone Arabia, in Montgomery and Fulton counties.


The Palatines' Great Lot No. 2 is created in the Mohawk Valley and assigned to Anne Feltelandt. ** Palatine settlers build a log octagon-shaped church in Herkimer.


Feb 19

Former Albany mayor (the first) Peter Schuyler dies there at the age of 66.


Long Island's Suffolk County passes its first laws regulating public roads.

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